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Guys, pull your damn pants up.

In case you needed the ‘heads up’ pants are designed to cover your body below your waist. I don’t want to see your boxers jack ass.

What drives certain guys to wear their pants too low? If you’re asking how low is too low, you have a problem.

Your problem is, “you are a moron”.


That girl you’ve been wanting will probably go for your ridiculous look but, that woman you were eyeing won’t…guaranteed.

Thought I’d share..




Change Happens Fast
— —
First off, Happy Friday.
— —
Listen guys, we are, by nature resistant to change. We have a hard time dealing with what isn’t anymore.

Developing a coping mechanism can be strenuous and time consuming.

Want to know the real solution to dealing with change and becoming better as a result of that change?

Stop whining and make a move…

Short and sweet.

– Carson

Okay, so its the first day of spring and the weather is terrible. Alright, it just so happens that it is also Monday.

Its not where you start…

As we all curse the weather and fall into a half sedated state of mind, thinking of the girl in the next office and how you’re going to ask her out soon – I don’t know about you but I will – we yearn for Friday and better weather we are all reminded of something…

Work is long and the commute this morning was hard and will be no better on the way home.

Lunch, there is no lunch. Its Monday and we all have work to do.

However, what we are reminded of is, “Its truly where you finish that matters in your job, with that girl, life and whatever situation you are going through.”

Straighten up boys, its not so bad…

You will get out of work and home, eventually.

You will eat, whatever you want after you bail out of the office.

The week will only get shorter.

This weather will get better – as far as today goes, “Would you really rather be looking out your window at great weather and not be able to partake?”

Word to the Wise.

Do you put yourself in holes: “I’ll get to that tomorrow”, “I have a week to get that done, it can wait”. I do.

The truth is, we all know better.

Life can be taxing at times; what becomes rote also becomes dreaded and of that there is no doubt.

Murphy’s law will catch up with you eventually – look at Bernie Madoff.

Falling is not important, everyone does. What is important is how we respond.

Honestly, what a great deal of life comes down to is not complaining and just getting it done. So…

Shutup, prioritize and respond.

Remember there is only one way to the top no matter what field you are in.

If you have a job, even if you hate it, life really cannot be all that bad.

Bottom line, kill yourself at work, get that paycheck and live your life.

What kind of man do you want to be.

Word to the wise.


Tips for St. Patricks Day:

1) Wear layers – never know how hot its going to get

2) Get a tab, don’t pay by the drink

3) Tip the bartenders well, they will hook you up faster when you get your next drink

4) Wear GREEN, don’t be a jerk, seriously

5) Expect to hear Billboard’s “Top 40” over and over again – don’t complain just go with it; chicks dig a guy who dances even a little bit


Happy Friday

— — —

If you’re still in the office, leave. If you’re thinking about work, stop. If you’re at the bar, hell yeah. If you’re studying…who the hell studies on a Friday night??

There is plenty of time for work. Now, its time to play.

Grab your girl or ditch her for the night, call your friends and go out or stay in but, be amongst those you’re down with and blow off some steam.

Get the beast off your chest so you can start off next week ready to dominate life. Wait, next week? Huh? Its Friday, worry about tonight.

Word to the Wise.


Don’t Bring it Home
— —

Okay quick, think of three things that bother during the work day that you just can’t let go when you get home…got them?

In a relationship:
A good way of getting over little things bothering you at the office, things that you just can’t let go before you get home to your girl or wife is to verbalize what’s on your mind.

Think of it this way, you’re in it with your girl – girlfriend – or lady – wife – not in spite of her. If she isn’t down to have a quick, ten minute conversation about something that really made your blood boil at work so you can let it go and relax the rest of the night, that says something about her. Conversely, if you can’t open your mouth and tell her what’s on your mind to avoid being short tempered then that says something about you.

Put things in perspective, be calm and recognize you have a woman – wife or girlfriend – that is willing to listen…unless you don’t. And if you don’t, cut her – no question about it.

If you’re single:
Go out with your boys and hit the bar, loosen up, you have your whole life to yourself…in the famous words of Cher in Moonstruck: “Snap out of it”

Side note: Although its completely unrelated, if you haven’t seen Moonstruck do so. Cher is so hot after she dyes her hair…relax, don’t judge, it was the 80’s; see the woman not the style.


We here at The Real Man’s List would like to announce our first episode of the podcast, this podcast will serve as the only checklist you will ever need for a first date. Click on the link, take a listen, give us some feedback and feel free to chime in!


Kate Upton

Wise Words

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Sometimes you just need to chill and detach yourself from taking on all of your personal goals. What is important is what you choose to slack off with. Letting some little things go from time to time can help you recharge. Be easy.

Wise words

Wise Words

Posted: February 16, 2011 in From the Genius Mind of Carson, Wise Words
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Wise Words will be a twice weekly segment dedicated to helping our followers out in general life situations.

“You can’t fight fate”. How often have you heard this in your life? Do you believe it? If so, the following may change your mind if not, leave the words where they lie.

Fate is supposed to be a predetermined path in one’s life. Fate is supposedly a road one is destined to travel. Fate is…well, you get the point.

My point is, we may have certain end games or results in life that are fated – but separate from each other – however, the roads we travel are completely taken on by choice. In other words Road A will lead me to the bar to ask that ridiculously good looking specimen what her name is and if I can interest her in a drink. Road B will lead me to cower and stay at the table with my boys, watching the game.

Road A’s path could lead me to her bed tonight, or in the near future – I don’t typically wait too long for that to happen – but, Road B will lead me to my bed, alone, wondering what would be if I had manned up.

What if I had said to myself “if me and that girl are bound to be together we will be” and used fate as a reason to stay at the table with my boys? For believers in fate: “how can you say I am wrong? What rule of fate did I break there?”

Conversely, if I went up to her and dropped a line and scored the invite to open my wallet to her preference of alcohol and a seat next her at the bar – in which case I immediately turn around and give all my friends the finger – I could say “It was fated for you to be here tonight because we were supposed to meet”. For the record, I would probably drop the fate line anyway, not because I’m a total jerk but because I tend to get way too caught up in individual moments with women – alright, maybe a little because I am trying to make my end game her bed but I’m picking up a woman in a bar, what do you want from me??

I want to pose this question to you: “is believing in fate, is believing it will happen if its meant to make you complacent?” If you find yourself answering “yes” to this question, look to be a little more proactive in your life; see where it takes you.

Word to the Wise…