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Katie Price is STILL Hot

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Women
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And I’m STILL a perv. Whatever, thanks for the thumbs up Katie.


The Washington Wizards and newly-acquired point guard Mike Bibby reached a buyout agreement Monday, said a person with knowledge of the deal who requested anonymity because the buyout had not become official.

The idea of a buyout for Bibby materialized almost immediately after the trade. Bibby was not thrilled going from a playoff team to a lottery team.

February’s Biggest Fails

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Fail
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The two “Horndog High” teachers who were sacked after an alleged lesbian sex romp in a Brooklyn classroom are slapping the city with a $2 million lawsuit for trashing their good names.

“Aside from losing their jobs, their reputations have been ruined.”
Brito and Mauro, who have previously filed suit in an attempt to overturn their firings, got yanked from their teaching jobs in November 2009 after a janitor reported barging in on their steamy session in Room 337.

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At the combine, all participants bench press 225 pounds for a maximum number of reps. 30 is considered a strong number, the previous record was 45. Watch how Paea enters a new category of being strong:

Pretty much expected this move. The 29-year-old Portis played just 13 games the last two seasons because of a concussion in 2009 and a torn groin last season. He was due to make $8.2 million in 2011.


So here’s what’s going on…Lebron is pissed because he heard that at Booby’s birthday party, Mr. Gibson got on the microphone and declared himself the King of Cleveland. If losing 26 games in a row makes you the king of anything…I am the King of Beer Pong. Thanks to Yahoo’s Eric Freeman we have a great recap of the events:

So one of Lebron’s only friends left in Cleveland ratted out Booby…Here’s what Booby had to say:

Important facts:

1. Gibson proclaimed himself the new King of Cleveland even though he averages 12.5 ppg with a PER of 13.2 for an 11-48 team.

2. LeBron heard about this boast and decided that he should still be known as the King of Cleveland despite everyone in the city hating him.

3. LeBron then told everyone about it on Twitter.

4. Gibson decided he was more mature than James after proclaiming himself King of Cleveland at his own birthday party.

5. Gibson told everyone about it on Twitter.

6. Both had a moment of clarity and realized they were acting childish. Don’t ask me why it took them so long.

7. A journalist decided it was noteworthy.

8. Someone else also thought it was important and wrote a blog post about it.

A weather reporter is interrupted by an enormous wave of snow plowed right on top of her by massive truck. Too good: