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Judging by Flav’s Co-Worker, looks like that’s some good eats right there. Can’t imagine why it didn’t succeed…

Grand opening. Grand closing. Flavor Flav and former restaurant partner Nick Cimino closed the doors to their Clinton, Iowa eatery, FFC, over the weekend after just four months in business.

The Public Enemy rap star said he abandoned the company because he wasn’t happy with Nick’s business operations. “The reason why I pulled my license [is] because there was a lot of employees that wasn’t getting paid,” Flav told WQAD.

 Last month, several employees claimed that their FFC paychecks had bounced.

Flav said he was concerned about his reputation. “I gave this man permission to take my name and my life and operate a business,” he said. “I have to do whatever possible for me to save my name. And the only way that I can save my name is to shut the business down because Nick Cimino is not running the business right.”


Had this beast of a sandwich for lunch today since I’ll be tied up in meetings tomorrow…Obviously I only got through half (I struggled) and felt like I needed a nap afterwards but it’s great. Bacon, lettuce, tomato on top, then you have bacon, roast beef, cornbeef, and salami. There’s a few pieces of bread separating all of this which makes it a bit easier to separate it off into mini sandwiches. It’ll run you $21.95, ironically named the Carmelo as Carmelo Anthony’s salary is $21.95 million this season. Carniegie Deli is located on the corner of 55th & 7th.

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Could be worse.


Wraps and Burritos

If you’re skilled and don’t let any sauces or dressings spill out the end. Also, if you keep the foil or bag on the end, you’ll be less likely to spill.

This is my personal choice. You can snack down your food quickly and you’re back to business before the end of that episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia that you’re watching.

Flank Steak

Meats like Steak, Chicken Breast, or Ham

These are great because, unless you put some sort of sauce on them, they don’t have much to drip on your keyboard, and they won’t get anything messy on your hands.

I feel that these are really easy, unless you’re using a laptop on your desk. Set your plate up infront of your montior, you may need a drawer for your keyboard so you can mulit-task and you’re good to go. Make sure to clean up after yourself right away otherwise your plate will end up sitting there for days.


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