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Tragic story, death

Rapper ‘M-Bone’ who taught the world to Dougie was gunned down by a drive by last night outside a liquor store in Inglewood, CA.

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Ultimate Cougar slayer Ashton Kutcher reportedly replacing The Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men’…

Really CBS?? Sheen brought something unique to the table and you think he can be replaced by Ashton Kutcher??

Thoughts on this??? Comment please…

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Who will fill the shoes of Charlie Sheen?

Two and a Half Men without The Sheen amounts to some dork and a kid.

CBS execs, have been going IN-sane – in the membrane – ever since their money man playboy took a little bit of a nose dive into all things unproductive.

The network has been searching in all directions, shallow and deep to land a new co-star.

Hugh Grant may just be that man.

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Forget about the beautiful spring weather, the hats, white slacks and sear sucker pants…the Kentucky and other upcoming Derbys are all about having a good time.

Tony Sachs lays out a Bourbon drinking guide for our upcoming Derby days.

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Vin Diesel raps and breakdances!

The day to celebrate your Mom is quickly approaching and YOU need to step up and be a man.

We, Carson & Corey are here to help…

Flowers are good but, buying your Mom’s favorite plant or flower and planting it for her is meaningful…

A bottle of wine works but, a gift certificate to her favorite wine bar or restaurant is better. The gift certificate gives her an opportunity for an experience she otherwise may not have…

More to come but use these examples to help you get in the mind set of thinking bigger…

Remember it is a TRML rule, “Push next level or don’t even think about trying”

Get it done guys, time to be a good son

Future number 1 pick…placing my bet now.

Check this, compliments of youtube:

Best video ever made using a set of roller blades.

This Cuban defector gives the 2 Reds fans left in the Country a reason to get loud. Why? Check the expression on the batter’s face after he is blown away by Chapman’s fastball – dude never even saw it.

Placing a camera on an athlete who is visibly upset while he is directing his words towards the official who just slapped him with a seemingly bad call is a smart move?

Producers for major networks should know better.

In my opinion, one cannot in anyway fault the athlete in these situations – in this one particular instance the athlete is Kobe Bryant.

Emotions are a part of sports and one should not have to be a former or current competitive athlete to know that.

I will not even address the “Kobe should know better he’s a professional” debate. Why not? “Umm, you never act or speak inappropriately in your workplace?” “But I don’t have a million people watching me at work”. My response to that is, “Yeah, so…Kobe is still a human being with emotions. Just because he is one of the greatest ballers to step foot on a court doesn’t make him react to situations any different or better than the rest of us.” Okay so I did respond to the argument…want to know why? I think its a stupid argument for the aforementioned reasons.

If you’re bothered by what Kobe did or my words, get over it. You think the way you do probably because you are jealous of what Bryant does for a living. Oh, did I offend you? Haha, we have fun..

See for yourself…thanks to the Huffington Post: