Here at The Real Man’s List, we want you to be able to come here to enjoy all the stories that are important to men and to learn about all of the things you need to know about as a man. This list is made of things we feel are important as well as what you as the readers suggest for us to add.


1. Duct tape fixes most things.

2. When you feel like your girlfriend is testing you, she probably is – respond accordingly, survival, survival, survival.

3. ‎​Putting newspaper over what once was spicy chips you gave your dog as a treat – who then proceeded to do his thing on the floor because dogs don’t do spicy – will only help with the smell for about a day or two.

4. Victoria’s Secret is God’s gift to man.

5. Deny til you die.

6. Bros before hoes.

7. Don’t worry, women’s good looks don’t last forever. There comes a point where they start going down and our lives keep getting better.

8. At some point in your life, you wil do something stupid to get laid.

9. ESPN is not just a channel, it’s a way of life.

10. Brooklyn Decker is UNREAL.

11. Mixed Martial Arts is NOT gay, unless they make eye contact.

12. Women can smell your confidence from a mile away, be proud of yourself no matter what.

13. It’s pretty likely that you will do something embarassing to get laid at some point in your life, embrace it, don’t let it crush you.



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