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Tragic story, death

Rapper ‘M-Bone’ who taught the world to Dougie was gunned down by a drive by last night outside a liquor store in Inglewood, CA.

Thanks to TMZ for the story:


Hi and welcome or welcome back to the TRML

Corey and I have been considering the crazy guys with the body length signs in Penn Station telling us: “The world is going to end on the 21st!” may just have a point.

Nahh those guys are crazy but, these ‘crazies’ gave us a thought: “If the world was really going to end on the 21st, (insert hill billy accent here) we better get to living because we sure as hell gonna die”

So what do these times call for???


Corey and I will start this off but we need your input to really make this something for the ages…


1. Bungee jump off the Empire State
2. Skydiving
3. See Kate Upton naked (A guy can wish right?)


Ultimate Cougar slayer Ashton Kutcher reportedly replacing The Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men’…

Really CBS?? Sheen brought something unique to the table and you think he can be replaced by Ashton Kutcher??

Thoughts on this??? Comment please…

Thanks to ABC News for the report:


Brotherly love? Lebron’s Mom scares me but Delonte is clinically crazy, probably the right move giving him some love.

Anniston strips down for new role in film debuting in March. With wingmen Sudeikis and Bateman this film seems to pack a cast of characters that are sure to have us walking out of the theatre not wanting a refund on our $20 ticket.

The black comedy’s buzz should kick off soon for its premiere in mid-summer.

Thanks Huffington Post:


Former New York Mets clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels was indicted on charges that he criminally possessed nearly $2.3 million worth of game-used memorabilia — including signed jerseys, bats and baseballs — that belonged to the Mets organization, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown announced Wednesday.

Samuels stockpiled 507 signed and unsigned jerseys, 304 hats, 828 bats, 22 batting helmets and 10 equipment bags, Brown said. Officials recovered the collectibles at a friend’s basement in Madison, Conn.

Samuels served as the Mets’ equipment manager since 1983 and began his career with the team in 1976. He later added the title of clubhouse manager and secretary to his job description. Samuels, a 53-year-old resident of Avrerne, Queens, was suspended without pay by the team after the investigation was revealed.


Who will fill the shoes of Charlie Sheen?

Two and a Half Men without The Sheen amounts to some dork and a kid.

CBS execs, have been going IN-sane – in the membrane – ever since their money man playboy took a little bit of a nose dive into all things unproductive.

The network has been searching in all directions, shallow and deep to land a new co-star.

Hugh Grant may just be that man.

Thank you Huffington Post:


Hear ye, hear ye, the Court of Courts is in session for another Cougar Combat!!

The Case:

Romijn v Klum

Today’s case pins two of the best looking blonde women on Earth against each other…very interesting

Exhibit A:

Rebecca Romijn is hot. What? She plays an in love bad ass chick in the X-Men movies…the same X-Men movies that we got to see her just-right, curvy figure the whole time? Yes, those movies.

To top it off she’s gorgeous. if you haven’t seen Ms. Romijn in her blue, X-Men suit I question your maleness.

Exhibit B:


Heidi Klum is a freak of nature…how the hell could a woman look so good at her age with kids to throw into that equation of vibrance, gorgeousness and hotness??

It is almost not possible but Ms. Klum defies nature on a yearly basis so hats off to her and especially her husband Seal for that.

The jury = YOU so deliberate, decide and VOTE NOW!!!

What be your verdict??