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Climbing the Board

Marshon Brooks

Marshon Brooks

Brooks went from falling down the board to climbing it in one 40 minute span. His 52 point performance against Notre Dame was jaw-dropping, showing off his impressive ability to score from any spot on the floor. And that’s exactly what teams will be looking for when they draft Marshon Brooks. Brooks has compared himself to Atlanta Hawks guard Jamal Crawford with his tight handle and ability to knock down off balance shots. Unlike BYU star Jimmer Fredette, Brooks doesn’t have question marks surrounding his physical tools. He may not be the strongest on the floor, but his excellent length allows him to get off shots without difficulty, and gives him a distinct advantage on the defensive side of the ball. The fact that he’s averaging 25 points per game in the toughest conference in the country is a telling sign that his offensive skills are no joke.



Perry Jones

Jones has had trouble creating shots for himself, and as a result his scoring numbers are down when compared to the other top big men prospects. Over his last 7 games he’s averaged only 12 points per contest, and while that’s not necessarily a deal breaker, his rebound numbers are subpar and his team is losing. The combination of his size, length and athleticism are what makes him so intriguing to NBA scouts, but his lack of an impact on games and questionable aggression could be weighing on his stock.


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