Finish Strong

Posted: March 21, 2011 in From the Genius Mind of Carson, Wise Words
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Okay, so its the first day of spring and the weather is terrible. Alright, it just so happens that it is also Monday.

Its not where you start…

As we all curse the weather and fall into a half sedated state of mind, thinking of the girl in the next office and how you’re going to ask her out soon – I don’t know about you but I will – we yearn for Friday and better weather we are all reminded of something…

Work is long and the commute this morning was hard and will be no better on the way home.

Lunch, there is no lunch. Its Monday and we all have work to do.

However, what we are reminded of is, “Its truly where you finish that matters in your job, with that girl, life and whatever situation you are going through.”

Straighten up boys, its not so bad…

You will get out of work and home, eventually.

You will eat, whatever you want after you bail out of the office.

The week will only get shorter.

This weather will get better – as far as today goes, “Would you really rather be looking out your window at great weather and not be able to partake?”

Word to the Wise.


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