Wise Words

Posted: February 16, 2011 in From the Genius Mind of Carson, Wise Words
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Wise Words will be a twice weekly segment dedicated to helping our followers out in general life situations.

“You can’t fight fate”. How often have you heard this in your life? Do you believe it? If so, the following may change your mind if not, leave the words where they lie.

Fate is supposed to be a predetermined path in one’s life. Fate is supposedly a road one is destined to travel. Fate is…well, you get the point.

My point is, we may have certain end games or results in life that are fated – but separate from each other – however, the roads we travel are completely taken on by choice. In other words Road A will lead me to the bar to ask that ridiculously good looking specimen what her name is and if I can interest her in a drink. Road B will lead me to cower and stay at the table with my boys, watching the game.

Road A’s path could lead me to her bed tonight, or in the near future – I don’t typically wait too long for that to happen – but, Road B will lead me to my bed, alone, wondering what would be if I had manned up.

What if I had said to myself “if me and that girl are bound to be together we will be” and used fate as a reason to stay at the table with my boys? For believers in fate: “how can you say I am wrong? What rule of fate did I break there?”

Conversely, if I went up to her and dropped a line and scored the invite to open my wallet to her preference of alcohol and a seat next her at the bar – in which case I immediately turn around and give all my friends the finger – I could say “It was fated for you to be here tonight because we were supposed to meet”. For the record, I would probably drop the fate line anyway, not because I’m a total jerk but because I tend to get way too caught up in individual moments with women – alright, maybe a little because I am trying to make my end game her bed but I’m picking up a woman in a bar, what do you want from me??

I want to pose this question to you: “is believing in fate, is believing it will happen if its meant to make you complacent?” If you find yourself answering “yes” to this question, look to be a little more proactive in your life; see where it takes you.

Word to the Wise…


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