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Hear ye, hear ye, the Court of Courts is in session for another Cougar Combat!!

The Case:

Romijn v Klum

Today’s case pins two of the best looking blonde women on Earth against each other…very interesting

Exhibit A:

Rebecca Romijn is hot. What? She plays an in love bad ass chick in the X-Men movies…the same X-Men movies that we got to see her just-right, curvy figure the whole time? Yes, those movies.

To top it off she’s gorgeous. if you haven’t seen Ms. Romijn in her blue, X-Men suit I question your maleness.

Exhibit B:


Heidi Klum is a freak of nature…how the hell could a woman look so good at her age with kids to throw into that equation of vibrance, gorgeousness and hotness??

It is almost not possible but Ms. Klum defies nature on a yearly basis so hats off to her and especially her husband Seal for that.

The jury = YOU so deliberate, decide and VOTE NOW!!!

What be your verdict??


                                                                    DEMI MOORE


                                                                 HALLE BERRY


Hear ye, hear ye.

The Court of courts is now in session for an all-star battle of monumental proportions.

The evidence is gathered, the case is tough, the women are epic in the case of…

Halle Berry v Demi Moore

Exhibit A:

Ms. Berry: undoubtedly one of the best looking women on the planet. Every part of her body is flawless and her face is insanely well constructed.

Berry seems to be a soft-spoken sweetheart in real life but with roles in “Swordfish” and “Catwoman” she shows us that she can be a bad ass on the big screen. Her role in “Monster’s Ball” proves that she has talent and skill on her side too – hey, success is sexyy.

Exhibit B:

Ms. Moore: the ultimate ‘Cougar’, “Why?” Because she lives it with her much younger boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. Moore has kept her body in incredibly good shape over the years touting one of the best bodies in Hollywood.

Even though she’s on the North side of the 40 hill she gets us every time with her figure and gorgeous face.

Now YOU the jury deliberate and decide.

What be your verdict??

Vote NOW!

                                               TERI HATCHER


                                                   EVA LONGORIA

                                         NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN

Here ye, here ye, the Court of Courts convenes again rabble, rabble, rabble.

We have a special edition this time around: A three way battle royal of Caesar’s Palace proportions – we working on getting Michael Buffer.

We now call to order the case of the ‘Desperate Housewives’ Hatcher v Sheridan v Longoria…

Terri Hatcher has been catching the eyes of men from every age demographic for decades. From one of her first roles in the movie “SOAP!” all those years ago to her success as Lois Lane in a Superman tv series in the ’90’s to ‘Desperate Housewives’, she always gives men a reason to or at least consider watching something we normally would reject without a second thought.

Nicolette Sheridan has a sultry way about her. No doubt the woman has stayed in incredible shape over the years. Her character selection of roles throughout her career of the ‘tough’ or ‘bad ass’ chick makes us guys tilt our heads to the side and say “Nice”.
Eva Longoria is a flat out incredible looking human being. Case in point, her pictures tell the story better than I could…

Court Adjourn! YOU the jury view and deliberate.

What be your verdict??

Vote NOW!

                                          KATE WALSH



                                              KELLY RIPA


The Case of:
Kate Walsh v Kelly Ripa
Court is in session for Cougar Combat!!

Kate Walsh has electrified us in sultry, sexy, photo shoots. Her athltetic frame is mesmerizing and her face is, well, second to none. She personifies the “All American Girl”…well actually I guess its more like the “All American Lady” (we are talking about Cougars here) look. Her roles on tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy and in films such as Legion have proven her acting ability which elevates her hottness.
Ms. Walsh has been in the game for a while and we hope it stays that way
Kelly Ripa wakes America up with her addictive, flirtatious personality and her looks do nothing but intensify the attraction. She reminds us of that friend with the ridiculously good looking mom that has no problem sitting down and hearing your problems and offering a word of advice. “Hey Ms. Ripa! Want to move next door? The neighbor’s house is for sale!!”
The jury is you, your deliberation is necessary…you’re now on the clock.
Get to voting!









And we’re back with another round of Cougar Wars…

Long time hottie Brooke Burke vs. New comer Sophia Vergara…decisions, decisions.

On one hand you have a vixen cougar – Burke – that has been rocking every straight man’s world since the nineties with beyond sexy photo shoots that will left many of us with our heads tilted to the side, starring at the computer screen or magazine spread – check yourself, you’re drooling from the memories.

On the other hand you have a new comer to the ‘A’ List that has caught the eye of many – including yours truly – with her incredible body and gorgeous face.

This is a particularly tough choice considering Vergara’s recent arrival to stardom making it tough to chose her over Burke – a favorite of many for over a decade.

Hmm…decisions, decisions.


Vote now!


We here at The Real Man’s List would like to tell you our own definition of a cougar…A older woman that is hot…PERIOD.

With that said, in this edition of Cougar Combat, friends turn foes and we will pit Courtney Cox vs Jennifer Anniston. Good luck picking here…