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Ultimate Cougar slayer Ashton Kutcher reportedly replacing The Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men’…

Really CBS?? Sheen brought something unique to the table and you think he can be replaced by Ashton Kutcher??

Thoughts on this??? Comment please…

Thanks to ABC News for the report:


Who will fill the shoes of Charlie Sheen?

Two and a Half Men without The Sheen amounts to some dork and a kid.

CBS execs, have been going IN-sane – in the membrane – ever since their money man playboy took a little bit of a nose dive into all things unproductive.

The network has been searching in all directions, shallow and deep to land a new co-star.

Hugh Grant may just be that man.

Thank you Huffington Post:,+huff+post&ei=wMvKTYDoB6ScMvHl-eUD&ved=0CAwQFjAC&hl=en&source=m&rd=1&u=

NBC’s James Rosen and reports ‘The Sheen’ may make a comeback on ‘Two and a Half Men’:

The Huffington Post discussed a Life & Style article in which Charlie Sheen admits he may be losing it – it being his mind; yes, he still has one, a mind that is…apparently.

Sheen’s realization stems from the reality of losing his children to their mother and former – is the ink dry on the divorce papers yet? – wife Brooke Mueller.

Is Sheen’s attempt to at least seem like a mere mortal again too little, too late? After all, he was really bad only for a short period of time, right? Well, that is all we know about anyway.

Should The Sheen get a second shot at being a part time father?


*Carson is a badass for finding this but check out Miley Cyrus’ cleavage at the 5 Minute mark…DUHHHH WINNING!

Official Announcement, Declaration, Statement: Actor Charlie Sheen has made more headlines of late than Gandhi did during his fasts for peace, equality and Nation hood.

Considered by some to be a demi-God Charlie Sheen will from here forth be considered not Charlie, not Sheen but “The Sheen” by me Carson.

“Why?” Basically, in a nut shell, I feel like it. Eh, I didn’t really think I needed more of a reason. Its a done deal.

This has been a special, official, declaration of a message.