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-We had the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, it’s not for everyone but it’s hard not to enjoy an event that’s this large. I’ve been telling everyone I can that I want to own a race horse. It just seems like a fun thing to have, not into the part where they only live a few years but the racing aspect and the fun hats tempt me.

-Pacman dominated 12 out of 12 rounds against Sugar Shane Mosley and all but retired him. Had an awesome chat about boxing and combat sports with Carson’s girl friend and think that is one of the cooler things a girl can do. Well done sir. I have alot more to say about this, tune into KnoqOut MMA Radio Wed. Night at 10PM for the rest.

-The Lakers got swept and thoroughly embarassed yesterday. Odom and Bynum were both ejected. The Lakers had ZERO answer for the Mavericks offense and showed next to nothing offensively. Phil Jackson is gone and now a lockout is looming, we’ll see where they go from here.

Considering the Bengal is Chad Ochocinco (didn’t he change his name again? Better question: “Do I care” answer: “No”) the fight will never happen. “Why?” Because Zbikowski called out CHAD OCHOCINCO. Isn’t that enough said? I mean you are talking about a young, hard hitting NFL safety that has been boxing for a while now versus a pretty boy receiver with a bad attitude and diminished talent.

Josh Ellis of the Dallas Cowboys blog reports: