Bryant did Nothing Wrong…TNT did

Posted: April 14, 2011 in From the Genius Mind of Carson, Sports, The Real Man's List
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Placing a camera on an athlete who is visibly upset while he is directing his words towards the official who just slapped him with a seemingly bad call is a smart move?

Producers for major networks should know better.

In my opinion, one cannot in anyway fault the athlete in these situations – in this one particular instance the athlete is Kobe Bryant.

Emotions are a part of sports and one should not have to be a former or current competitive athlete to know that.

I will not even address the “Kobe should know better he’s a professional” debate. Why not? “Umm, you never act or speak inappropriately in your workplace?” “But I don’t have a million people watching me at work”. My response to that is, “Yeah, so…Kobe is still a human being with emotions. Just because he is one of the greatest ballers to step foot on a court doesn’t make him react to situations any different or better than the rest of us.” Okay so I did respond to the argument…want to know why? I think its a stupid argument for the aforementioned reasons.

If you’re bothered by what Kobe did or my words, get over it. You think the way you do probably because you are jealous of what Bryant does for a living. Oh, did I offend you? Haha, we have fun..

See for yourself…thanks to the Huffington Post:


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