New York Jets Could Sign Randy Moss to Block him From Joining Patriots

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Sports
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After potential landing spots for quarterback Kevin Kolb, another item high on the list of intriguing possibilities is Randy Moss’ next employer. There’s a scenario that could very well play out that puts Moss back in the AFC East.

It starts with the fact the New York Jets might not necessarily be a lock to retain their best big-play receiver, Santonio Holmes, even though prior to the lockout they placed the highest restricted tender possible on him should he sign with another team (first- and third-round draft picks). Holmes recently told reporters that the only way he would stay with the Jets is with a long-term contract, and that he has no interest in signing a one-year tender deal that, under the rules of the previous collective bargaining agreement, would pay him $3.5 million.

Talk is cheap in April, especially when no football business is taking place. But let’s say Holmes sticks to his guns and refuses to play for a one-year contract. Let’s also say that the Jets decide they don’t even want to do a one-year deal with Holmes, who, for all of his talent, is still a worry off the field. Remember that four-game suspension he served at the start of last season for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy?

That could leave the Jets looking elsewhere for veteran receiver help. Enter Moss, a free agent who spent parts of last season with the Patriots, Vikings and Titans.

Although Moss is 34 and is entering his 14th NFL season, there is at least one coach who believes he still can make a significant impact: the Jets’ Rex Ryan. And Ryan, who isn’t shy about much of anything, did nothing to conceal those feelings when he spoke with reporters at last month’s NFL Annual Meeting about the pressure Moss places on a secondary as a true “vertical” threat.



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