Cougar Combat by Carson & Corey Part 4: Kate Walsh vs Kelly Ripa

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Cougar Combat by Carson & Corey, Women
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                                          KATE WALSH



                                              KELLY RIPA


The Case of:
Kate Walsh v Kelly Ripa
Court is in session for Cougar Combat!!

Kate Walsh has electrified us in sultry, sexy, photo shoots. Her athltetic frame is mesmerizing and her face is, well, second to none. She personifies the “All American Girl”…well actually I guess its more like the “All American Lady” (we are talking about Cougars here) look. Her roles on tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy and in films such as Legion have proven her acting ability which elevates her hottness.
Ms. Walsh has been in the game for a while and we hope it stays that way
Kelly Ripa wakes America up with her addictive, flirtatious personality and her looks do nothing but intensify the attraction. She reminds us of that friend with the ridiculously good looking mom that has no problem sitting down and hearing your problems and offering a word of advice. “Hey Ms. Ripa! Want to move next door? The neighbor’s house is for sale!!”
The jury is you, your deliberation is necessary…you’re now on the clock.
Get to voting!



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