Adrian Peterson has Totally Lost Touch

Posted: March 15, 2011 in From the Genius Mind of Carson, Sports
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That’s it I’ve had it.

Huffington Post reported on a story from Yahoo Sports in which Adrian Peterson likened the treatment of NFL players to the treatment of slaves.

Enough already. This quote truly shows how out of touch AP is and I would guess more NFL players feel the same way.

Aside from the obvious ridiculousness of Peterson’s statement in my opinion “You shouldn’t have access to the owner’s books because you are not contributing one red cent to the money that you want access to”.

Come on people. If the NFL players want a slice of the 9b dollar pie then fork over some money to the owners as an investment. In my mind that’s the only fair way to go about this because THE PLAYERS DON’T RISK THE MONEY THE OWNERS PUT DOWN; but, guess who does…

You should not have access to information regarding someone else’s funds especially when you get your game check for playing. The owners don’t have that luxury.

An owner has to put up the same money for a game on a rainy day when half or even less ticket holders will show up for – loss of potential revenue – as they do when the weather is nice and they should see full capacity.

You saying you have a right to the owner’s financial information is like saying, “A programmer at Microsoft should have the similar financial information for Bill Gates.”

Everyone who disagrees with me, get over it. You don’t deserve to see money you don’t risk.

Like Steven A. Smith said yesterday on his show on ESPN Radio: “You think the owners will miss you? Please…”

Be happy to put you down over the phone if you don’t agree. Email the site and we’ll setup a call for our next podcast.


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