Cougar Combat by Carson & Corey Part 3: Brooke Burke vs Sofia Vergara

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Cougar Combat by Carson & Corey
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And we’re back with another round of Cougar Wars…

Long time hottie Brooke Burke vs. New comer Sophia Vergara…decisions, decisions.

On one hand you have a vixen cougar – Burke – that has been rocking every straight man’s world since the nineties with beyond sexy photo shoots that will left many of us with our heads tilted to the side, starring at the computer screen or magazine spread – check yourself, you’re drooling from the memories.

On the other hand you have a new comer to the ‘A’ List that has caught the eye of many – including yours truly – with her incredible body and gorgeous face.

This is a particularly tough choice considering Vergara’s recent arrival to stardom making it tough to chose her over Burke – a favorite of many for over a decade.

Hmm…decisions, decisions.


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