Howard Stern Asks Jon Stewart: “Who is Crazier…Charlie Sheen or Glenn Beck?”

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Men Stuff, The Real Man's List
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Howard Stern was on Jon Stewart last night.

Naturally talk turned to Charlie Sheen.  Asked Stewart: How bad do you want to get your hands on Charlie Sheen right now?

Turns out Howard was already one step ahead, having got Sheen’s cell number (through means he wouldn’t disclose….but one imagines includes either porn stars or hookers or both) and gave him a call and he picked up.  Said Stern:

“Tell him I was sued by CBS and I’m a warrior just like him!  And just like him we have to go to war with CBS!  And he must call into the show!”


I love Howard and listening this morning was amazing, I highly recommend switching over to Sirius and picking up their App or picking up the MusicDock app (which I use) and listening on your phone/iPod/iPad.

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