Sweet Caroline Wozniacki

Posted: February 24, 2011 in From the Genius Mind of Carson, Sports
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Sweet Caroline oh oh ohhh. If you have been 18, at a bar near any college in the known universe – I think “The Neil” has international appeal and if not the rest of the world should get on that – you have heard these words roll off the tongue of the legendary Neil Diamond – “Neil I wana party with you!” – and every other drunk, sweaty, drooling, college “student” at the bar. My Sweet Caroline = Caroline Wozniacki.

I must admit Ms. Wozniacki is a favorite of mine and its not all because of her viciously aggressive, athletic style of play.

Wozniacki is gorgeous and I have gotten myself into trouble when ex-girlfriends have walked into my den or bedroom while I’m watching Sweet Caroline play. Then comes the nagging…
Them: “oh shocker you’re watching women’s tennis while she’s playing, hmm – this is when they cross their arms shift their weight to one leg and raise an eyebrow. I don’t understand why you think she’s so great”. They all say that, if you put a picture of the undisputed greatest looking woman of all time in front of 99% of women they would respond with something like: “yeah, and she’s not so great”. Back to the exchange…
Me: “Ahh, really? She’s only ridiculous looking and a great tennis player. Yeah, you’re right babe, I don’t know what I was thinking”. Obviously that’s a clean, edited version of a back and forth between some of my ex girlfriends and myself and inaccurate to no end as far as history is concerned but you know what I’m getting at.

Anyway, the point is Wozniacki is a 20 year old tennis star, my Sweet Caroline and there is nothing wrong with watching her play the game because she is very good at it…and she is amazing looking. Aright, aright yeah, you got me.

Case in Point: The sweetness of a relationship may fade fast when you’re young and stupid but, Wozniacki’s just doesn’t.


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