NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: “The hard work to secure the next NFL season must now accelerate in earnest.”

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Sports
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Please make sure we have football Roger! has posted a story sharing Roger Goodell’s current feelings on the state of negotiations between the NFL Players Association and the NFL Owners. In an op-ed piece, Goodell was quoted as saying “We need an agreement that both sides can live with and obtain what they need, not simply what they want”.

While I understand where Goodell is coming from and he’s obviously playing both sides at this point, I wish he would say the owners need to not be so greedy and the players need to understand that there are reasonable demands that can be made so let’s try to play together here.
If an agreement is not made, us as fans will not say “oh the poor owners” or “oh the poor players”, it will be poor US. We will miss out on a football season and be forced to watch the UFL (which is highly underrated) and latch onto a college football team.
From us at The Real Man’s List, PLEASE GET IT DONE!
Here’s a video that will hopefully inspire both sides:

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