New York Man Stops Serial Stabber

Posted: February 15, 2011 in The Real Man's List

Maksim Gelman, the Brooklyn man who is accused of going on a 28-hour stabbing and carjacking spree that left four people dead was on a New York City Subway and he met his match when good samaritan Joe Lozito decided to put an end to Gelman’s night.

The two men battled on the subway, Gelman had a knife and repeatedly stabbed Lozito but with Lozito’s love of mixed martial arts, he knew to take him down and hold him down until police officers could intervene. Lozito had this interview with Fox News:

And later that day Lozito got a big surprise from UFC President Dana White who offered Lozito VIP seats and all of the hook ups a fan dreams of.

The man doesn’t want to be considered a hero but he certainly is. Check out the videos and see how humble of a guy he his.


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